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Career Support & Mentorship.

We understand the complex journey of being a care provider, work with us for support, guidance and mentorship.

Our services include the following:

1. Mentorship

This will include guidance all through your process from the very beginning up to a few years after successfully getting a job in the UK. There will be a cost to the service and this will be decided on a per case basis and communicated to you.

2. Financial Support

On the discretion of the board, we may offer you financial assistance to support your transition. This support is means tested support and will be focused only on essential expenses only.

Please note this is financial aid and not a loan, thus no interest will be charged.

3. Support Groups

For the purpose of continuity, We would require that you commit to providing mentorship support to other benefactors of the fund. This will be for the next 5 years after you successfully obtain a job. This would mean you would be automatically added to the WhatsApp and telegram groups setup for this purpose.

4. Personal Data

In line with GDPR policies, we will hold your personal data for the purpose of carrying out our official activities. Your data will be added to the database of our affiliated companies (locum agencies, etc) for the purpose of finding jobs, accommodation arrangements and other activities in keeping with the agreed mentorship plan.

Your data will not be sold/given to any third parties outside the purposes discussed or outside agreed mentorship plan.

You reserve the right to request part or all your information be deleted from our records.

Kickstart Your Career

Join our team and get awesome support in your career.

We are not the only company to provide RMO services and we think that it is healthy for you to compare us with others and seek the opinions of doctors who have already worked for us.

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We are proud to be a GP led service provision team. Founded and managed by doctors, we take exceptional care of our employees because we know first hand how exceptional they are.