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Resident Medical Officer opportunities in Abihealth Solutions.


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We are increasingly building relationships with private and NHS hospitals and are offering opportunities to work as a medical officer/RMO in these organisations. Some benefits of our RMO opportunities include:

  • Adequate training to adapt you to the new role
  • Provide clinical exposure for doctors new to the UK
  • Assigning you to a support team that would include a mentor to guide you into your new role.
  • Competitive pay rates.
  • Most hospitals will have accommodation on site. For those that don’t, Abihealth will offer short term accommodation support to their doctors.
  • Assistance with opening bank account, NI number and advice about settling into the UK.
  • Mentorship into your long term career plan.

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Interview process

This is a rough overview of what you could expect in your interview process and the documents we would request from you.

Looking to work in the UK as a doctor? You’re in the right place. Here at Abihealth, we provide doctors in locum positions around the UK.

We just need you to send your CV to [email protected], we will then reach out to you to schedule a zoom interview at your earliest convenience. The interview will challenge your competency and assess how flexible you are.

After your interview if you are successful, we will then proceed to getting you compliant. We will send you an email requesting your documents such as:

  • Police checks
  • GMC certificate
  • Immunisations
  • ALS

Once we receive all your required documents including your clinical references, we will then send you an offer letter. Once you have accepted, we can then draft your contract and apply for your Cos

Whilst you are waiting for your visa, we will make arrangements for your accommodation here in the UK for you to stay in until you receive your first hospital assignment. You will need to be here in the UK 4 weeks before your start date as we will need to do your DBS check.

For expenses and additional support please see the FAQ’s


If you are overseas, it will take 1-2 weeks, if you are in the UK it will take a day.

Your start day will be on your contract, you will start 4 weeks from arriving in the UK once your DBS has come back.

We will email you the nearest post office around your accommodation to collect your BRP from.

You will be given support in the initial week of starting your new role to help you get familiar with the NHS system.

Abicare will assist you with expenses for the initial three month period working with us.

It takes on average 4 weeks to arrive after applying.

The departments vary hospital to hospital, you will know where you will be once you receive your first assignment.


We will then see if your start date matches the time, you will receive your visa. once your visa has arrived you must send us your flight tickets before booking them and arrive in the UK 4 weeks before your start date.

We are happy to assist you with any queries just email us at [email protected]

You are able to do this once you are in the UK.

If you have lost or misplaced your immunisations, you must get a serology report to prove you have taken these.

We provide online mandatory training for all our doctors and nurses; you will receive a certificate on completion and will then be able to start your first shift.

Yes, a police check from your home country will suffice until you arrive in the UK and apply for your DBS.

Yes, we offer a cos to all our international doctors and nurses.