Covid-19 Complete Guide

Here are the solutions available when it comes to COVID tests as well as test-to-release and more.

Complete testing facilities

Complete testing facilities for you and your staff.

Don’t let Coronavirus stop your business from functioning. With help from Abicare Health, we can offer you a comprehensive and bespoke testing service.

Our bespoke service will provide end to end service from test booking, sample collection and provision of results.



Test-to-Release and Travel Certificate

We are a Government Approved Private Covid Test Provider on the website for Test-to-Release and Travel Certificate. The PCR tests we offer can be used to both certify a Negative Result for ‘Test to Release’ and ‘Travel Certificates’ purposes.

There are a range of testing options available. Customers can either visit us in our clinic or we can save you the inconvenience and provide a home/hotel visit. Results take 24-36hrs and we send certificates via email.

We also offer ‘Rapid Antigen/antibodyTests’ which produce results in as little as 15 minutes for those in a rush or those who require testing regularly. These tests can be used for your staff to ensure they are COVID free. Rapid Tests however cannot be used for travel or test-to-release.

end-to-end Covid-19 screening

Onsite end-to-end Covid-19 screening service

Abicare Health is able to provide an onsite end-to-end Covid-19 screening service for you. We offer both the PCR and the Rapid test.

We are able to offer a tiered discount dependent on the number of tests required (25 or > 10% discount / 50 or > 15% discount / 100 or > 20% discount).

We also run a recruitment agency for health care professionals and are therefore able to provide Doctors, Registered Nurses or HCAs on a day rate; again depending on the service required of them.

We would be happy to give you a full quote for our service, contact us today for more information.