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UK Visit Visa Application Process for PLAB 2

After you have passed PLAB 1 you will then need to take the PLAB 2 exam, this is the stage where you will need to consider when you want to come to the UK and take the second part of the exam, this is due to you needing to start preparing for the exam numerous weeks in advance, secondly you will need to apply for a UK Visa as soon as you have booked your exam.

The Application process is broken down into two stages:

Firstly: The online application for a UK Visitor Visa

Secondly: The submission of all required supporting documents and providing Biometric Data in a Visa application centre

To save you a lot of time, we strongly advise you to upload all your supporting documents in one sitting.

Online Application

Firstly, the online application will ask you to provide details such as your full name, passport information and your national identity, it will the ask you to provide your travel information and essentially an itinerary. This information should include the date you will arrive in the UK and the date you will leave the UK. So, this means you should provide a travel itinerary cover letter.

You will then be asked to provide the main reason for your visit to the UK, this is the point where we advise you to choose the ‘business, including sports and entertainment’ option, once you have answered no to the following options such as: travelling with an organised group, travelling with a spouse, visiting a company or being paid for business activity, you will then see you reason: take the PLAB or OSCE.

Other details that the application will ask you to provide include personal and family information, your employment details, how much money you plan on spending, accommodation details, any previous Visa refusals and criminal convictions.

Once you have provided all the required information you will then be taken to the declaration page, this page offers you to pick an appointment date with a Visa application centre, however do not select a date if you have not updated all the requires supported documents

A standard UK Visit Visa costs £95.00

What Supporting Documents Will I Need?

It is important to note that the required documents will vary dependent on each individuals’ personal circumstances, every applicant will have to provide two key documents:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. Evidence of your PLAB 2 booking confirmation.

Other documents that can help with your application are as follows:

  • Cover letter
  • Passport – Please note passport must be valid
  • Letter of employment – This letter should be provided by the hospital that you are currently working for confirming your employment
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of accommodation – As your exam will be held in Manchester, we would advise you to book your accommodation in or around Manchester, please note booking in advance will bring the cost down
  • PLAB 1 results – Sending over a copy of the email with you PLAB 1 exam results on would also be useful
  • PLAB 2 booking confirmation – This document will be useful to provide the booking confirmation that the GMC will send you
  • IELTS results – This will confirm that you are able to take the PLAB test
  • Primary medical qualification

You can apply for your UK Visa here

Applying for a visa to come to the UK – GOV.UK (

What Should I Include in my Cover Letter?

Here I have attached a link if you are unsure of how to lay out your cover letter

In your first paragraph of your cover letter, you should include some personal details such as, Name, Visa application number, date of birth, passport number and the reason for your application, it would also be a good idea to include details of where you received your primary qualification and your current place of employment, and lastly your GMC number.

Next you would want to include the details of your family members, including your parents’ names and any other names of family that are dependent.

In your next paragraph you should outline your academic history, the accommodation you are staying at during your visit, whether you are staying in a hotel or with family and friends, please note evidence of this will be required. If you are staying in a hotel for the evidence, you would need to provide the booking confirmation, if you are staying with friends, you will need them to write a statement confirming you are staying with them.

It is vital that you include an entire itinerary for your trip to the UK, this will include the date and time you arrive, your flight details and what you plan to do in between taking the PLAB 2 test and then the date you leave. If you have some spare days after you have taken the PLAB 2 test you will need to provide good reason for these.

Lastly you will need to provide a numbered list of supporting documents that you have provided to accompany the letter.

Therefor once you have submitted your Visa application you will then need to just wait, the UK Visa’s immigration department declare the standard service to wait for your Visa to be approved or denied is 15 days. The time frame can fluctuate.

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